Thursday, October 22, 2015

Exploring Denver with a fresh Perspective

Denver International Airport
The beauty of the Denver skies welcomed me home nearly two months ago. It's hard to believe it's been that long, but I just counted out the weeks and, it's true, I have just concluded week eight of being back in Colorado. It has been an absolutely beautiful Fall here, with glorious sunny days, colorful leaves, and bright blue skies. And, in this time of transition, I have been blessed by generous and gracious friends who have provided the time and space I needed to readjust to a life that is somewhat familiar and yet so foreign. As part of my transition process, I have been able to explore the Denver area like it was all brand new to me. I brought the joy and wonder I had while exploring European cities and discovered a whole new beauty in Denver.

Look, Denver has it's own "Arche de Triomphe"

The beauty of details
A fountain reminiscent of my time in Aix en Provence
While parts of the city have reminded me of Europe, this huge outdoor fireplace is such a Colorado thing - it made me smile. I was sitting in a little park/outdoor cafĂ© next to a crepe stand feeling like I'd been transported back to the Luxembourg gardens, when I turned around and noticed this gigantic fireplace and was caught in this liminal space between cultures - it was so fun to get to experience the gift of being present in the moment and enjoying memories of being present in another place at another time. This experience reminded me that we all have filters through which we see and experience the world. With France freshly imprinted on my soul, I now see Denver with a fresh, new perspective  - one that isn't expecting it to be Europe, but simply makes it come alive in a whole new way.

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you."

In my opinion, one of the many great things about Denver are the bike paths that wind through the city, and I recently had the luxury of spending a pleasant, sunny afternoon exploring the city, taking in the views from my bike seat.
Confluence park

Some new street art in the process of being created

The Dancing People

Cherry Creek - a quiet place in the city

And so, the city has embraced me and welcomed me home, reminding me that it is full of beauty and wonder.

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