Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Boat Tour of Paris

Luxembourg gardens
Last week I had the opportunity to do a quick tour of some classic Paris monuments - we spent a very brief hour at the Louvre, then had a picnic lunch in the Luxembourg gardens.  

Palais du Luxembourg
 We did a quick walk past the Sorbonne on our way to the docks to catch the boat for a river tour of Paris.

la Sorbonne

Notre Dame
I had told myself I wasn't going to take any pictures this day, that I was simply going to be present and enjoy my experience, but I just couldn't help myself! So, here's a few highlights from the boat ride.
le tour Eiffel from the boat

Le tour Eiffel at the end of the ride, from inside the boat
It was a lovely boat ride and a great view of the city. Next time maybe I'll stay inside and listen to the guide so that I actually know what I'm seeing, but for now, I'll just enjoy the views!

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  1. Like Nik said after his trip to China with no resulting pictures, "I was living in the moment, Mom!" I'm glad you were living in the moment, but also glad you snapped a few pics for anyway!