Monday, December 1, 2014

Playing in the Kitchen

Last week was Thanksgiving in the States, but the French don't celebrate this holiday, so it was just a normal work week. However, I was still able to have some fun and play in the kitchen on Thursday.

Here's how to separate an egg

Some of our students got to spend the afternoon in the kitchen with our chef, learning about chocolate - the difference between dark and white chocolate, how to melt it, and then what you can add to it to make it look and taste differently (think: butter, sugar, and eggs). And, I got to be the photographer for this activity!

The students made food sculptures using cake, fruit, marshmallows, and melted chocolate..... they were very artistic and creative.  The chef then showed them how to crack and separate eggs, and then how to whisk the egg yolks with sugar and the egg whites with salt. It was fun to watch them learn, and I got to have a turn too.

Aren't our hats just adorable?!

Our end result was a delicious chocolate mousse, which was served for dessert at lunch the next day. I'm making friends with the chef, and hoping to get more opportunities to be in the kitchen. He is very talented, and has made some very beautiful and delicious things. I've also realized that my passion for food is helping me learn French..... at least French vocabulary for various ingredients and kitchen utensils!

Mixing up the chocolate mousse
 I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and counted it as my own little personal celebration of Thanksgiving!

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