Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Farmer's Market

Today was a national holiday so I had a free day. I did some homework this morning and then went to the bi-annual Farmer's Market/Fair. It was a beautiful day today for a walk and for strolling the market. 

My co-worker went with me, as we had planned this as an event for our students, but nobody wanted to go. On our way there we talked with a sweet elderly French couple who had lived in New Zealand for a while, so they spoke some English.  Making friends is always nice, and they gave us tickets to get into the market for free!!

It was a great market with all sorts of things to taste. For those who know me and my food quirks, you'll be amazed to know that I tried many samples, and then saw that they reuse the sampling cups!! Aack!! Well, at least the samples were all alcohol, so hopefully I won't get sick or die ;) Yes, they gave out samples of cognac, wine and beer. I also tried foie gras for the first time - three different types! There were many types of honey, jam and cheese as well (none of which required reusing a utensil or cup). I purchased my first crepe at the market and had it with local honey. C'est tres bon!

These were very pretty, artistic goat cheeses with various herbs

This lady was so sweet, I just HAD to buy some cheese from her 

This is the bread baker. They had converted an old army vehicle into a portable oven. The lines were long, but the bread came out hot!

These are some of the famous Rambouillet sheep 

My purchases at the market - butternut squash soup, cheese, and two loaves of bread - one with figs and one with bacon. Dinner will be good tonight!


  1. I love this! And that bread looks divine!! I love that you have such a beautiful town to explore. :)

  2. Mmm.....not sure about those sampling cups. Hopefully you fare better than those who buy bottled juice from stands off the street in China (they don't wash those either.....)!! The market is bi-annual? That is a switch from what you're used to. Maybe there will be others? I just can't believe that nobody else wanted to go with you and your coworker. I would have been there in a heartbeat. =)

    1. I'm not sick yet, so hopefully that's a good sign! Yes, this market is only twice a year, but there is a weekly Farmer's market as well. This one had vendors from all over France, whereas the weekly one is just local vendors... I haven't been to it yet, but hopefully soon.

  3. Your dinner sounds divine. How cool that you got to taste a variety of beverages and have fresh bread and cheese! Your photos are beautiful.