Sunday, November 9, 2014

A "Typical" Week

Wow, how have I already been here one week?! The days have been so full of learning new things I haven't had much of a chance to reflect until today, which is my first day with no classes, no work and no people.

The town is very walkable, and it hasn't rained since my first day, so I have taken a walk every day. It's been in the 50's, but with the humidity and wind it has felt like the 30's. Glad I brought plenty of warm layers! As part of my job, I must go to the post office, which is a nice 15 minute walk into town, down cobblestone streets, through a couple roundabouts and past a beautiful, historic carousel which is just outside the grounds of the famous château of Rambouillet (evidently Napoleon spent his last night in France here).

The carousel

A walk in the park

The Rambouillet Castle

I'm not sure there will be a "typical" week here, but if so, I've been told that I will be in French classes every morning M-F from 9am-1pm. Lunch is served at 1pm and in typical French fashion, it is the largest meal of the day.  It is served buffet style and we all eat together, and thus far the food has been very good. In the afternoons I either do work for the office or I am in French classes again from 2-4pm. The office is open until 6pm, but fortunately, I don't have to sit at a desk, I just have to be available in case they need me to do something. Which thus far means I sit in the teacher's lounge and do homework.

One evening each week and Saturday mornings I am observing/teaching English class.  Right now I am with the 5 year olds and it's surprisingly fun! Three evenings per week I am required to plan activities for the students who are staying here on campus (right now we have about 7 students - all are 20-something's from Denmark, Korea, Venezuela and England). So, we've had a game night where we played Apples to Apples in French, and a movie night where we watched The Tourist in French with French subtitles.... most of which I did not understand! And then we ended the week with a night at the local pub.

It's still rather unclear as to what exactly I'm supposed to do in the office, but I'm learning patience in this process. Also, I am learning to be ok with the uncertainty of  what each day might bring, and to hold loosely to my expectations. What a great way to embrace life!

The beginning of a beautiful sunset and the end of my first week in France


  1. So at this rate, you should be completely fluent in another week?! hahaha...... I assumed you would be teaching English to adults. How fun that it is to kids!

  2. Everything is so gorgeous! Glad you have this blog to keep us up to speed with this new chapter in your life! Love you aunt Heather:)