Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I haven't written anything for a while, but it's not for a lack of things to say. On the contrary, there are many things for me to share, I just haven't known quite where to begin.

Enjoying the view

A year ago at this time  moving to France was simply a dream, and now I have been living my dream for the last ten months - living, studying, and working in France. I arrived  bright-eyed and eager for the adventure that lay ahead, wondering if I might find a new place to call home.... if I might "fit" in France better than in the US... many friends had told me I was much more European than American in my approach to life. I was hopeful that I would find answers to some big life questions - Who am I? Where do I belong? What is my unique purpose in life? Ok, so maybe I had some unrealistic expectations, but really, I was ready for a new adventure and this was exactly what I needed to gain a fresh perspective on life. Some might call it a mid-life crisis, but I call it a pilgrimage and a sabbatical. The pilgrimage has been both a physical journey to a foreign country and a spiritual journey deeper into my own soul. The sabbatical has been a time to pause and reflect on life, to see where I've been and to intentionally look ahead to where I am going - both literally and figuratively.

The view on a recent bike ride
One of my favorite walks in the park

Transitions are a common thing in my world, especially when it comes to moving (I didn't get the name Gypsy by accident!). You'd think I'd be comfortable with the whole process by now, but each time I face a transition, it's a new and unique experience. I am getting better at not just enduring the process, but actually embracing and enjoying the ride as part of the greater journey, and yet it is still emotionally and physically exhausting; however, I have found that bike rides, walks in the park, and stopping to enjoy simple beauty all are things that nourish my soul in these times of transition.

This guy had about 20 friends hanging out on the same lavender bush

And now, another transition is on the horizon as my time here in France is quickly coming to an end. In light of that, I am doing all that I can to enjoy every moment, to see and do those last few "musts" in France before I leave; to be fully present, enjoying every moment, feeling the mix of emotions that come as I embrace the transition. Yes, I am leaving France. While it has been a unique experience for which I will be forever grateful, I have discovered that Colorado is more home to me than I ever knew, and now I am excited to be returning there this fall! I am looking forward to returning to my community of friends, finding a source of income that is fulfilling and sustainable, acquiring a place to live where I can practice hospitality, and of course rediscovering the beauty of Colorado!

A quiet respite at a friend's house in the mountains of Steamboat Springs

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