Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Meandering in Paris

I finally had my first solo trip to Paris and it was delightful! Nobody but myself to worry about, no agenda, no obligations, no plan - just a free day to explore. It was a beautiful sunny day; perfect for meandering around the city, window shopping, sightseeing, café-hopping and people-watching.


I took the train in to the city and then hopped on the metro with no real plan other than to explore a new part of the city, and so I ended up in the Etienne-Marcel neighborhood. The sun was out ALL DAY and the sidewalk cafés were bursting with people, as were the streets and the parks.

I wandered in and out of shops, and found a sunny café for some tea and crepes, and then eventually found myself at Notre Dame. Once inside, I took the opportunity to just sit for a while and soak up the beauty and history.

I left as the sun was setting, and then wandered into Saint Michel, where I spent some time in various book stores before stopping for dinner at a little Asian bistro. On my way to the metro I grabbed a couple of macarons for the train ride home. It was a fabulous day of leisurely exploring this beautiful city!

The other macaron was already in my mouth before I thought to take a picture!

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